Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Arthur seat

This is famous point of Mahabaleshwar. The enchanting view of the barren deep valley of Savitri in Konkan on the left and the Dense forest called “Brahmaaranya” of Deccan to the right makes you forget everything and you can also see Raigad fort and Torana fort. If the weather is clear. There are many points on this route like Tiger Spring, Echopoint, Elphinston point and many others. You can also go some distance down to the valley by small steep and narrow path leading to the window point; this is a gap in a rock like view of the breath taking valley.

Kate Point (Needle’s Hole)

It is situated 3 km from Venna lake to Panchgani road. From here you can clearly see exotic view of the back water of Krishna river and the Dhom Dam. You can also see Kamalgad, Pandavgad and the dense forest to the left and to the right there is ledge of rock separate from the main body forming a needle hole and on the right there is Echo point. Which can produce more than 5 echo’s.

Lodwick Poiti

An exciting view of Pratapgad and also zig-zag curves Ambenali ghat is seen from this point. Boars Head is closer from this point.

Hunter point

Hunter point is about a mile’s walk from the old Mahabaleshwar road. From here you can see the different angles from Koyna valley, Lodwick and Elphinston point.

Lamington plateau

Lamington plateau is walking distance from Ganapati Mndir. If you follow the map correctly you will reach the plateau safely. The scenery on all sides is superb.

Falkland point

Falkland point within a walking distance from Bombay point is presents beautiful Koyana Valley below you.

Wilson Point ( Sunrise point)

This is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar situated near the market. Its height is about 1435 Mts. There are 3 viewing balconies situated to 3 different direction. The sunrise is very enchanting and memorable from here. You may come here walking or can book ponies, taxies or tourist car’s just one day before.

Carnak point

Carnak point is on the way to Falkland point. The view is almost same of Falkland point.

Connaught peak point

While coming from Arthur seat you can see the sunset point here. This is second highest point in Mahabaleshwar. You can see beautiful view of the forest like a green shawl which is spread below.

Echo point

A spot near kate’s point is also known as Echo point which can produce more than 5 echo’s

Panchgani point

You can see the Tableland of Panchgani on eastern side.

Marjorie point

On the way to Arthur’s seat, you can see deep Konkan valley from this point. You can also see several ranges of the Sahyadri Range.

Elphinston point

On the way to Arthur’s seat, from here you can watch at two valley Koyna, on left and Savitri on your right.

Helen’s point

Helen’s point is about a mile’s ride from the Babington point road Blue Valley road. It takes you in the midst of Blue Valley. Solshi River starts from this point with a small fall near her origin. Poetic Blue Valley will be in front of you.

Venna lake

Situated 2 kms. from the S.T. stand you may watch the lake while coming from Panchagani. This is attractive point for tourists. Here you can have the pleasure of boating in reasonable rates. There are many entertaining items and also many fast foods & juice bars. You can enjoy pony rides and relax & have picnic a park & gardens.

Dr. Sabena Road (Main road)

From S.T. Stand, on the road there are vanities of fabulous shopping where you can have pleasure of roaming and shopping. The road is considered as heart of the town where the market is situated. This is only market in India having special pedestrian shopping road. So you can have nice walk on this road.

Lingmala water fall

This is a very good picnic spot close to Venna lake situated on the road to panchgani.

Dhobi water fall

Situated on the bridle path connecting Petit road with old Mahabaleshwar road. The fall is insignificant but is situated in a very pleasant picturesque view.

Chinaman water fall

You may have a pleasant walk in the woods to get here. This water fall is very close from the town situated only 1 kms… by road.

K’Shetra Mahabaleshwar

While going to Arthur seat you can come to this ancient holy place. It is situated 5 kms. from Mahabaleshwar where there are different temples. Here the Shiva temple of Mahabali (Mahabaleshwar) and the traditional shape of the Shivling which makes all the hollow full of the water all year. This Shivling is believed to be “Swayanbhoo”.

Krishnabai Temple

This is the oldest temple built in 13th century. You can see attractive lowing stones on columns and ceiling and also a panoramic view of Krishna valley.

Panchganaga Temple

The five Holy rivers 1.krishna 2.venna 3.koyana 4.savitri 5.gayatri. If you start from here you can see their separate appearances in spring flowing. From here these five springs become one river and leads by channel flow through the Goumukh in to holykund.


Tapola is about 28 kms. from Mahabaleshwar it is beautiful Picnic spot. Shivasagar is vast expanse of back water of Koyna Dam. Diesel Launches and speed boats are available for boat rides.

Proper road connects Tapola to Mahabaleshwar. Stae Transport buses also go to Tapola. Tourist taxis are also available to Tapola. Local people call it ‘Mini Kashmir’.

Parsi point

This point is situated on the road to Mahabaleshwar. This is a very windy sport which over looks the Krishna valley and the blue mirror of water in the Dhom dam.

Table land

This is a large expanse of flat top laterite rock. It is second longest montan plateau in Asia. It is about 60 mts. High, situated on the eastern side of the town, gives a nice view of the Panchgani town below. There are some specious caves. One peculiar one known as Devil’s kitchen.

Devil’s Kitchen

This devil’s kitchen satiated to south of table land is a place of mythological interest. The pandavas stayed here for a while and used this place to cook their food.

Sydney point

Just near the Octroi naka lies Sydney point. This point is situated on a small hill rock facing the Krishna valley. From here one can see Wai and sanatorium at a distance and glittering waters of Dhom Dam. Similarly Pandavgad and Mandhardevi can also be seen.

Wonder point

It is situated 3 kms. from Anjuman High school to Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani road from here you can clearly see the exotic view of the back water of Krishna river and the Dhom Dam. You can also see kamalgad, & Pandavgad.

Mahabaleshwar wellknown Pilgrimage entire populary known is Dakshin Kashi. Monumental work on ‘Vishwakosh’ Marathi Encyclopedia is going on at this place.

It is situated 32 kms. from Mahabaleshwar well known Pilgrimage entire popularly known is Dakshin Kashi. Monumental work on ‘Vishwakosh’ Marathi Encyclopedia is going on at this place.


Dhom-Dam is about 8 km. from Wai it is beautiful Panic spot. Is vast expanse water of Krishna river. There are special facilities for speed boats, water scooters, water skating & Water Cycle.

A visit to Pratapgad adds a Historical dimension to your Mahabaleshwar trip. History was created at this fort when Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had a meeting with Bijapur Sardar, Afzalkhan, who was killed and the mighty army of Bijapur was routed by Marathas paving the way for the establishment of Hindavi Swaraj. The fort holds a commanding view of Konkan below, one can easily see Raigad fort in the west and Saddle back Madhu Makarand Gad on South. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited Pratapgadh and unaided a beautiful statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1957.

Bhavani mata Temple

The temple of Bhavani mata is on the eastern side of the fort, it consists of a hall and a shrine, the hall with wooden pillars. The shrine is by stone. It contains a black stone image of Bhavani. The roof of temple is flat inside is a leaden covering put by the king Pratap Singh of Satara and there is a small temple over the shrine.