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Maharashtra’s most popular hill station and once the summer capita of the Bombay presidency during the British Raj. Indeed the place is great and bountiful, rewarding the visitor with a mix of old-world charm, natural beauty and modernity. A tour of Mahableshwar town and the surrounding countryside would take at least couple of days as there is much to see and experience. Mahableshwar has proper motorable roads to every point worth visiting, so one could tour the place by car, jeep or even on horseback. There are many buildings and sites that take one back to the days of Raj.

A short drive from the town is the beautiful Venna Lake where one can go boating, fishing and pony riding, or indulge oneself at the entertainment center with its numerous food and game stalls. Further down the road from the lake on the way to Panchgani are the strawberry fields and food stalls serving country side food the famous makkai pattice, baingan, and the bhakri.

Mahableshwar is known for its numerous sightseeing points each providing a unique perspective of the majestic hill range. Enroute to Babington point is Dhom dam which is a good place to take a break or one could visit the old Mahableshwar and the famous Panchganga temple which is said to contain the springs of the five rivers, Koyna, Savitri, Gayatri and the sacred Krishna river. There is also the Mahableshwar temple revered for its Swayambhu Lingam. Mahableshwar is truly a great holiday destination throughout the year except for monsoon months. During late June to mid September torrential rains virtually shut down this hill station so travel is not advised to this time.